Future of The Internet-SDN, NFV, 5G, IoT, Industry 4.0

Future of The Internet-SDN, NFV, 5G, IoT, Industry 4.0


Dr.-Ing. Rahamatullah Khondoker
Researcher, Fraunhofer SIT
Md. Shamsul Haque
Head of Digital Innovation, Leads Corporation Limited


July 18, 2017 - 11:00 am


July 18, 2017 - 1:00 pm


Jessore University of Science and Technology   View map

The 5th Generation Mobile Communication Systems (5G) Infrastructure Public-Private Partnership, in short 5G PPP which has been initiated by the European Commission (EC) and Industries, defines the aims of 5G mobile communication system which are expected to be achieved by 2020. These targets are: increasing wireless capacity 1000 times, connecting 7 billion people and 7 trillion things, saving 90% energy, and perceiving zero downtime. To achieve these goals, EU has spent over 50 Million Euro in 7th framework programme called FP7 for researching on 5G enabling technologies including Software-Defined Networking (SDN), Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), Internet of Things (IoT), and the technologies for the fourth industrial evolution in cyber-physical systems after mechanical, electrical and electronic evolutions called Industrie 4.0. These projects are: METIS, 5GNOW, iJOIN, TROPIC, Mobile Cloud Computing, COMBO, CROWD, MOTO and PHYLAWS. Recently, under the umbrella of Horizon 2020 (H2020) programme, the EC launched another four projects in 5G called Flex5GWare, Xhaul, mmMAGIC, 5GNORMA. The aim of this talk is to summarize the problems that are tackled by each of these projects and their potential contributions in terms of the aforementioned enabling technologies.


Future Internet Lab

This is a non-profit research lab, the aim of this lab is to assist in research and development in cutting edge communication network technologies including SDN, NFV, IoT, and 5G. Computer science and communication network related departments (for example, CSE, EEE, ICE, and TCE) from any university in Bangladesh will be able to apply for the lab.

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