1. This is a non-profit research lab organization, the aim of this lab is to assist in Research and Development (R&D) in cutting edge communication technologies including SDN, NFV, IoT, and 5G.
  2. This lab will be used as a Bangladesh-wide research network and can be used in future as an instrument for local/global funding.
  3. Computer and communication related departments from any university in Bangladesh will be able to apply for the lab.
  4. Locally, the head of a department in a university is responsible for the lab. Globally, the panel committee members (consisting of 5 to 10 members) will be responsible for the lab.
  5. The department/university must provide at least five computers for this lab. These computers can be located in a separate room named “Einstein Future Internet Lab” or can be a part of their any other lab room, for example, hardware/software lab, electronic lab, IoT lab, Innovation lab, etc.
  6. Each of the lab should produce at least one paper in a conference/journal per year. The name of the lab must be mentioned in the paper.
  7. The head of the department along with one or several faculty members will be responsible for the maintenance/supervision of the lab.
  8. Every participant in the lab should be prepared to help every other participants in the lab. This means that, even though you are a student/faculty of one university (for example, BUET), you are in Bangladesh wide “Einstein Future Internet Lab” network and should help any participant from any university (for example, BUET, DU, JU, etc.).
  9. If any participant from this lab visits your lab (which is in different location than his/her university) to offer training/workshop, you have to pay for the travel bus/train expenses (within Bangladesh) and arrange local hospitality (accommodation, foods, etc.) during his/her stay in your lab/university. This should be managed by local department/university/project funding.
  10. Periodically (every 3 or 5 years), the lab will be audited/reviewed. The panel committee will be able to cancel the lab from any department when it does not satisfy the minimum requirements (for example, no publication in a year, plagiarism, etc.). Cancelling means that the department will not be able to use the lab name “Einstein Future Internet Lab” and will not get any more support from any member of the lab.
  11. The panel committee will be able to cancel the lab from any location without prior notification.
  12. If any department/university does not want to keep the lab, they have to inform at least three months before the cancellation and have to return hardware or other equipments provided by the lab.
  13. Besides software, one/more hardware equipments will be provided by the sponsors of the lab (when funding is available). A list of such hardware or other equipments will be created and maintained in a regular basis. The list will be stored in a central location.
  14. If any change happens in the lab (for example, hardware is not working, one of the computers is not working, etc.), a notification email must be sent by the head of the department to the panel members.
  15. Every semester, the name of the students (and their supervisors) who will be working in the lab should be sent to the panel committee members. If any change happens (for example, study leave of the supervisor, dropping of the students, etc.), then it must be reported to the panel committee members.
  16. Every year, the best lab will be selected and awarded (considering criteria such as number of publications, quality of the publications, training provided, etc.). A certificate of the award will be provided along with other type of honors (such as, lab equipment, money, crest, etc.). This will be published by the website or other local/international media.
  17. These terms and conditions will be periodically reviewed and are a subject to change by the panel committee members.